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Fetch! Grooming, Premium Food, Boutique

9007 W 151st Street
Orland Park, IL 60462


Monday through Friday 10-7pm
Saturday 10-6pm
Sunday 11-5pm


We have a modern and upscale grooming salon to lavishly pamper your pet in a clean, safe, caring and relaxed atmosphere. Your first appointment will include a consultation with your groomer. You and your groomer will discuss options such as style, shampoo and any other special needs.

Our main focus is the quality of our work and the comfort and safety of your pet versus speed and is why we work by appointment only.


  • Thereapeutic Massaging Bath
    We use an invigorating massaging bathing system that penetrates through the hair down to the skin to remove dirt, debris, loose hair and dander for the healthiest skin and cost possible. Dogs love the massaging feeling and it helps them to relax.
  • Hand Drying
    Your pet will be hand dried using professional dog groomer dryers to fluff the coat and further remove loose hair and undercoat.
  • Complete Brush Out
  • Your pet's hair will be completely brushed and combed out using professional tools specifically chosen for your pet's hair and coat type.
  • Blueberry Facial
    Your pet will be treated to a tearless and deep cleaning aromatherapy facial designed to brighten and deoderize, leaving their face huggable and kissable!
  • Ear Cleaning
    Your pet's ears will be thoroughly cleaned using a gentle, all natural ear cleaner. Excess hair will be removed if necessary.
  • Nail Trim
    Your pet's nails will be properly trimmed to the shortest length possible.
  • Professional Styling
    Your pet will be professionally styled to breed standard or to your specific instructions. A sanitary trim of the private areas and paw pads cleared of hair to keep your pet as clean as possible in between groomings.
  • Completion
    To complete your pet's grooming, he or she will be given an optional, complementary light spary of fragrant cologne and bows or a bandana.

We also offer a wide variety of additional spa services at an extra fee for your pet such as nail painting, nail dremelling, hair coloring, deep conditioning treatments and a Les Pooch shampoo and conditional upgrade.

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